Derrick on Africa Now! discussing Hip Hop.

Derrick was a guest on Africa Now! a program in collaboration with TransAfrica. The interview explores his take of Hip Hop and its importance in the last few decades. He argues for Hip Hop being an African American art form, its beginning, and where it is now (2014).

Derrick has made his expertise available to local and national media on diverse topics especially African American culture. In 2015, the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite began to trend and by 2017 the Oscars were trying to bring by African Americans. Derrick was interviewed by Will Hampton who sold his story to several newspapers across the nation about the relationship between African Americans and the Oscars. Hampton wanted to discuss African Americans winning for playing roles that were specifically designed and designated for an African American.


During his first year of the MFA, Derrick took a group of students from Rust College to the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis to be given a tour by an Ole Miss graduate—Caity Maddox. He wrote an article (page 22) for The Southern Register about Caity, the students, and the Museum. In addition, he wrote a book review (page 31-32) for the magazine for the Spring/Summer 2019 edition.

Currently, Derrick is serving as a regular guest on Impact a Christian talkshow serving the Hampton Roads and Northeastern North Carolina region. He was originally called to do the interview prior to the 2020 election to put African American history into perspective. After the initial conversation, Dr. Wanda McNair the host decided she wanted it to be an ongoing conversation for her audience. The examination of African Americans resiliency, institution building, and community building will be explored beginning in Africa and irking our way to today.


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